A hammock is a hanging of heavy netting or long canvas which can...

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Jute is considered the eco-friendly alternative due to its biodegradability..

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Jute Rags

Owing to the popularity, jute rugs are being manufactured by the manufacturers

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Who We Are?


Jute is a purely natural fiber which is soft and light textured. It is a versatile fiber which can be easily woven and is available mostly in natural colors.



We produce exclusive variety of jute shopping bags that are manufactured from quality fabric. Available in different styles, sizes.


Why Choose Us


TopTrans International, emerged from the family of Toptrans Group, has become the largest Jute sacks and Hessian cloth Manufacturer in Bangladesh introduce the brand of Toptrans.


We have a proven record of accomplishment and are a reputable company in the Bangladesh. We ensure that all quality with utmost professionalism using quality materials while offering clients the support and accessibility.


We are always try to improve our product and we also improving our design and maintain a world class standard.  Now we making export quality product and supply worldwide.

Jute Bags Manufacturer, Supplier, Wholesaler And Exporter from Bangladesh



Jute bags have become increasing popular in the recent past. This is mainly attributed to their high quality and effectiveness. On top of this the material used to make them is purely natural fiber and comes in natural colors. This allows the bags to come out being attractive and strong. The number of companies making these bags has also increased mainly because of their popularity. However, there are certain companies that are known to be better than others mainly depending on the jute bags they make. One of the highly rated companies when it comes to making these bags is TopTrans International. This particular company has earned the respect of both competitors and customers. The company is known as a top jute manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and exporter and here are the main reasons why.

Jute bags manufacturer

Some of the qualities that has eared this company the respect it gets as a manufacturer of jute bags include that it makes an assortment of high quality jute products. Some of the bags from the company include beach bags, Christmas bags, hand bags, hessian cloth bags, hydrocarbon free jute bags, sack bags, shopping bags, sling bags and wine bottle bags amongst others. These bags are available in different sizes therefore giving customers options to choose from depending on the sizes they prefer.

Another quality that makes the company stand out as a jute bag manufacturer that makes this particular company stand out is that it is always improving. This means that even if the company is the best amongst other companies, it is always looking for new ways to make sure the customers are optimally satisfied. This is a major factor especially considering that times are always changing. A company that does not change with time risks being left behind and being unable to meet the needs of the customers. However, this company is always striving to ensure that it adapts to the changing times for the sake of the customers. The company also keeps on improving the products so that the customers can get more varieties and the products can always be of the highest quality.

This company emerged from the family of Toptrans group to ahead and become one of the top jute bags manufacturers. The fact that the company emerged from this group clearly shows that it has the necessary backing and support. As a result, the company is able to provide high quality services and products for it has the necessary support. Furthermore, the backing and support gives the company an added advantage where it is always assured of getting even the necessary financial support. Consequently, it gets the ability to even develop new products without struggling. Through this the company is able to ensure all the needs of its clients are met conveniently.


Jute bags supplier

This particular company besides being a jute bags manufacturer is also a jute bags supplier. A person or a trader who wishes to be dealing on these bags can readily get them from the company. Individuals who would like to get these bags in huge quantities also just need to order. The company has the capacity to manufacture the bags and supply them even in large quantities. The ordering process is simple and takes a short time. The time it takes to deliver the ordered bags mainly depends on the location of the person or trader making the order. The company mainly emphasizes on efficiency and the customers are always put first. Consequently, the customers who order from the company are always guaranteed of getting top class services.


Jute bags wholesaler

TopTrans International is also respected as a jute bags wholesaler. This means that clients who would like to sell the bags in huge quantities can easily order. The main factor that facilitates this is that the company has been able to reach out even to the customers who are far away geographically. Furthermore, the company also has the capacity and resources to ensure even the customers who order in wholesale are totally satisfied. The wholesale customers are treated in a professional manner where they get all their orders on time and according to their descriptions.

The company has also put measures in place to ensure all its payment forums are secure and safe. This is important because everyone wants his or her financial details to be kept in a secure manner. Amongst these payment options include the ones that are most popular and therefore customers from different places can get the payment option they mostly use. This is convenient especially to people who are in different locations and who might be looking for a payment option that suits their needs perfectly.


Jute bags exporter

Besides the local customers the company also supplies jute bags beyond Bangladesh. This means that it supplies individuals and retailers who are beyond the country. Even people who are beyond the country can be guaranteed that they will get the bags within a short time.

Another quality that makes this company stand out when it comes to exporting jute bags is that it allows its customers to order online. All what one needs is to have a device such as a computer or a smart phone to be able to order. This is a very convenient factor mainly considering that most people are nowadays preferring to order through the internet. An interested customer even those interested in exporting just need to go to the company’s website and go to the order option. The website is nicely designed where it friendly and interactive. From the website clients can easily get to see the products that the company deals with. On the website there are clear images and clear descriptions which let the customers know exactly what they are purchasing. This is also an important quality since even a person making a purchase for the first time can know exactly what to do even without having to ask anyone.

As a proof of the quality services and products that this company provides there are many reviews and testimonials from past clients. These are customers who bough jute bags from this particular company and they came back to confirm that they were totally satisfied. By reading these reviews and testimonials one can clearly tell that the customers who write them are genuine and impartial. This gives assurance especially to people who come across the company for the first time. For people who would like to get in touch with the company there are contact lines. People who call are received by friendly and well informed attendants who are always ready to answer any question. The attendants can answer almost any questions that the customers might have. Therefore, TopTrans international is definitely a top company when it comes to jute bags manufacturing, supplying, selling in wholesale and even exporting.