A precious artifact:

Jute, the eco-friendly fiber has been judiciously used by the craftsmen in India to create artifacts. Jute napkin rings are considered a precious gift from Indian handcraft. Jute napkin rings are available in a medley of designs and are exported all over the world. Jute napkin rings are suitable for different tablescapes. It does not look over made up due to its natural element. The rustic look of the jute gives an earthy look, add elegant touch and also reflects a style statement.

Jute Napkin Rings

Custom designed jute napkin rings:

Jute Napkin rings come in variety of designs. They may be plain, round, oval or twisted with each style lending a distinct charm. Jute Napkin rings can be custom-designed to match other tableware such as the place-mats, napkins, table cloths, table runners and chair pads. They compliment every kind of table decor and bring an aesthetic appeal to the surrounding. Jute napkin ring beaded or stringed with small shells always gives a warm feel.

As Gift Item:

Ornate Jute napkin rings make classic gift item and are specifically gifted on specific occasions. Jute napkin rings can be exchanged aptly on Christmas, Thanksgiving and are very thoughtful housewarming gifts. When you run out of gift ideas, jute napkin rings are the best.