Jute Yarn Manufacturer supplier exporter

Jute yarn may seem like just another variety of yarn, but the truth is far from it. Jute's versatile fibers are unlike any other and hold together strongly. That’s why our company Top Trans uses jute to manufacture strong and reliable yarn. Due to the strength of this yarn, it is common in industrial environments, and can hold up when stressed. The yarn also has a decorative look, and many like using it for decorative purposes. This unique combination of industrial strength and decorative appeal combines to make jute yarn the ideal tool for arts and crafts. Arts and crafts…
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Carpet Backing Cloth Manufacturer, Supplier And Exporter

More and more people are using carpet backing cloths. This is mainly because many people have realized their benefits. However, there are different types of these cloths especially depending on the materials used to make them. Some of the most popular carpet backing cloths are the ones made using jute. The main reason behind this popularity is that jute is a superior material that is eco friendly and easy to weave. However, despite the material being superior over most other materials it requires a good carpet backing cloth manufacture to make a good carpet backing cloth. In Bangladesh the most…
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