Christmas Bags

The bag specially made for Christmas is called Christmas bag. These bags are printed with different Christmas related images. It is easier to paint over jute bags, so the manufacturers started using jute as main material for making these bags. Jute Christmas bags are popular due to its availability of different designs, shapes, affordable and easy to handle properties. These bags stand out because of the earthy looks and eco-friendly nature of the fiber. Jute Christmas bags are excellent for promoting festive season. cr


The bags are printed with variety of Christmas themes like – Santa Clause, X-mas tree, Sweets, Santa with gift, bells, personal photos with x-mas caps on etc. The large bags can hold huge items and is frequently used by Santa Clause for distributing gifts. The smaller bags are ideal for gift packing. Beautifully printed or embroidered designed jute Christmas bags are used for carrying goodies and hang onto Christmas tree. These bags can be in the form of cap, sacks, socks, pouch, wrist bag, sling etc.

Why Jute Christmas bags?

With the growing concern over the damage to the environment that plastic bags cause, jute Christmas bags are the ideal choice because these are made of natural fiber and decompose without emitting any toxic gases.
Jute Christmas bags look very elegant with their natural golden color. They are also available in a wide spectrum of colors. Manufacturers and exporters offer excellent designs that are printed on the bags, as per the required theme.