What is Hammock

A hammock is a hanging of heavy netting or long canvas which can be easily swung and is suspended by clews or cords between two trees or other support. Hammock could be used as a seat or a bed. Earlier it was used by natives of tropical region for sleeping however, now it is popular in the world and started using for relaxation or camping purpose.

Jute Hammocks

Why Jute Hammocks:

Jute hammocks are the most demanded amongst the ecological conscious people and definitely makes a strong statement. It brings about a perfect amalgamation of beauty, style and comfort for the connoisseurs of jute handicrafts. The soft silky feel of the jute hammock gives a natural touch which relaxes your whole body. The jute hammock has unique charm whereas, the natural color, heavy texture and twill design body symbolizes its earthiness. These hammocks are perfect for the gardens, picnics and other places. The hand crafted hammocks come in all size and shapes. Their sizes may vary from small meant for little children to big twin-sharing sizes.