Hand Bags

Environment Friendly:

The main feature of jute hand bag is the durability. Apart from durability, it is easy to handle or pack. Global trend towards environmental awareness rose the demand of jute hand bags. It is not only environment friendly crop but, also manufacturing jute products does not produce any harmful substances unlike other factories which emit harmful chemicals and pollute environment. These eco – friendly jute handbags come in natural, dyed and printed designs.

Conventional and Contemporary Jute Hand bags:

1The conventional jute bags are very simple with minimal design which is more of a carriage bag meant for shopping purposes. They are mostly rough textured, dull brown or beige color, plain woven, huge with limited shapes and designs. In contrast to the conventional design, the contemporary jute hand bags are more appealing with bright colors and innovative designs. There are many jute bag lovers in both domestic and international market. The modern jute hand bags are crafted with the motif of casual or formal use. Colorful, beaded and embroidered fancy handbags could be used as party handbag.

Creative Ideas for Trendy Jute Handbag:

To give a fancy look, jute handbag could be embellished with beads, sequins or mirror work. These kind of handbag goes well with tradition attire and could carry for party purpose. The embroidered and laced jute handbags are popular amongst the teenagers.

Jute Handbag Handle Styles:

  • Bamboo handle
  • Cord handle
  • Sling Handle
  • Oval handle
  • Palanquin Wooden handle
  • Round Wooden handle
  • Cane handle