Hessian Cloth Bags

Origin of Jute Hessian Cloth:

The fabric made from jute fiber is called “jute hessian cloth” and burlap in US. The word hessian derived from the term “hesse” which is uniform for German soldiers. The jute hessian cloth originated from India in19th century. Traditionally jute hessian cloth is used for making sack bags and sandbags. Due to changing trend its been used for making fashion apparels and accessories.

Jute Hessian Cloth Bags

Usages of Conventional and Contemporary Jute Hessian Cloth Bags:

The traditional jute hessian clothe bags are used for packing commodities like - Food & Grains, Potatoes, Onions, Sugar, Tobacco, Sand, Cement etc. It resists condensation and commodities could be preserved for longer time. The spiral jute hessian bags are extensively used for packing cotton. It is also helpful in storing agricultural products. In contrast to the traditional jute hessian bags, the contemporary ones are trendy, colorful and are used as fashion accessory. The contemporary hessian cloth bag is available in different design, size and shape. They are manufactured according to buyer's specifications.

The popular kinds of Hessian bags are:

  • Plain Jute Hessian Bags
  • Treated (Rot Proof) Jute Hessian Bags
  • Fire-Proof Jute Hessian Bags
  • Custom Printed Jute Hessian Bags
  • Jute Hessian Spiral Bags
  • Jute Hessian Box Bags