Jute in Fashion World

Jute has always been known for its high bio degradability, versatility and being economical. Due to the changing trend in fashion world, there is stiff rise in use of jute for making fashion accessories and modern home decorative. Right from fashion accessories to glamorous garments, packing material to decorative items, use of jute fabric has been revolutionized. If we shift towards social circle, usage of jute has been increasing in both domestic and international arena.

Modern jute

In current era, jute is not considered only as a crude material for gunny bags or Hessians mixed. Rather, it is mixed with cotton and silk to manufacture attractive range of decorative items, table mats, blankets, bags, wall hanging etc. The NIRJAFT (National Institute of Research on Jute and Allied Fibre Technology) in Kolkata acquired a unique technology to reduce the roughness of jute fiber and make it more malleable and soft.

Recent applications: Jute as fashion garment

Recently, one of the fashion show focused jute as a favorite material for fashion fanatics. The event has showcased large collection of jute apparels for both men and women. Many buyers, individuals and designers appreciated the texture and prints of the jute fabric. The Indian Ministry of textile promotes the exhibitions featuring garments and other craftedjute items. Some reknowned designers like Pawan Aswani and Ashis Soni have accentuated jute in fashion shows like - Lakme India Fashion week 2000 and International Fairs in Dusseldorf, Germany. Fashion designer Prabha Mohanty is also amongst one who encourages use of jute as material for stylish garments. The latest fashion trend focuses on jute crafted accessories like jewelry, scarves, bags, ties, belts and many more.
Even NIFT (National Institute of Fashion Technology) has participated fashion shows in association with Institute of Jute Technology and India's premiere natural fabrics store located in Mumbai. The show patronizes jute creation to a large and high extent.

The positive aspect of Jute is its durability and the soft silky natural golden color. Earlier, the fiber was presented in its most natural appeal. However to make it more soft and elegant, jute is mixed with cotton, wool, nylon, rayon, acrylic or polypropylene. Mixing jute with other material upgrades jute in terms of durability, feel, appearance, wash ability and resilience.

The fashion world has been now revolutionized and modernized and people are willing to accept the change. Jute can be beautifully ornamented by combining with bones, stones, metals and leather. In all, jute the natural vegetable fiber has undergone a long way from the traditional sacks to high fashion world. The cost effective factor remains the positive aspect for manufacturers using jute as blending material for several fabrics.