Jute Mats

Jute Mats production:

Jute, the 100% biodegradable fiber has created a rich panorama of artistic handicrafts. Matting or 'durries' in local terms, is the result of constant innovation and experimentation. It could be made through powerloom or handloom and is produced in large volume from Kerala.

Jute Mats

Advantages of Jute Mats:

Mats and durries made of jute are an alternative to heavy and expensive carpets. Jute mats have a softer and are lighter by weight which is why it is easy to maintain. Good technique ensures less shedding of fiber and makes them ideal for interior decoration. Jute mats may be custom designed to suit the demands of the individual customers and the ongoing trends in the market.

Jute Mat Designs:

It is available in mesmerizing patterns and designs in diversified textures. A huge range of jute mats and durries are manufactured in a plethora of designs and colors. The designs may range from the traditional ethnic patterns inspired by the folklore or rural art or the more contemporary geometrical designs