Jute Soil Saver Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter

Toptrans Jute is one of the largest and highest quality manufacturer and distributors of jute products in Bangladesh. Jute, one of the largest cash crops in the world second only to cotton, is a fibrous plant that provides coarse, strong fibers with which a wide range of textiles and products can be manufactured. Also known as the Golden Fiber, jute can be woven into twine, textiles, rope, bags, matting, and more. One of the most popular applications of jute is as a sacking textile, used to create burlap or hessian sacks for the agricultural industry.


Jute Soil Saver Manufacturer

With a 10,000 square foot production facility based in the fertile soil of the Kishoreganj region, Toptrans Jute manage all aspects of the jute production process from harvest to distribution to ensure a high standard of quality. Aside from the wide range of industrial and consumer applications delivered by their products, Toptrans Jute also manufacture jute products specialized to the agriculture and gardening industry that are designed to minimize erosion and preserve soil integrity. Known as jute soil savers, these highly porous and biodegradable jute weave meshes have a variety of agricultural applications. High Quality Jute Soil Saver Manufacturer

With extensive experience in manufacturing jute products for a broad spectrum of applications, Toptrans Jute have a long record of success in shaping the adaptable fibers provided by the jute plant into specialized products. The organic, loose weave of soil saver the soul saver mats allow water and nutrients to reach crops and plants without damaging plant growth, while preventing rain and wind from eroding soil.

Toptrans Soil Saver Design

Also known as jute geotextiles, soil savers are permeable fabric sheets that are placed over soil that is at risk of erosion damage. Wind, rain and environmental factors such ice and water flow can erode away arable topsoil or break down the structural integrity of an embankment, causing crop damage or infrastructure damage. Toptrans soil saver are loose weaves of coarse, high strength jute fibers woven into mats that are placed over the soil, allowing crops to grow while protecting them from sloughing.

Soil Saver Applications

Soil savers have a wide variety of applications for multiple industries. Jute soil savers are used in soil erosion control, the consolidation of vegetation, structural reinforcement of soil constructs and to preserve the integrity of embankments, river banks and land reclamation. Jute soil savers are frequently utilized in road development projects to prevent topsoil from shifting under new road constructions.

Soil savers are also used extensively in the development of agro mulch, used to cover the biomass that degrades into fertile agro mulch for the agriculture and food crop industry. The widespread abundance of jute and low cost combined with long-lasting organic structural reinforcement has led to the popularity of jute soil savers worldwide

Jute Soil Saver Supplier

The industrial capacity of Toptrans is one of the largest in Bangladesh. Boasting over 10 production lines that are capable of producing in excess of 52 million jute sacks, textile sets of mats every year, the production facilities offered by Toptrans are reliable, fast and cutting edge, with products held to high quality control standards.

Production Testing

In any agricultural product or textile designed for use with botanical applications, testing for pollutants, contaminants and chemical residue is essential. Toptrans test all of the jute products they manufacture through an exhaustive testing system to ensure every delivered textile is free from harmful agents or manufacturing flaws

Jute products manufactured by Toptrans, including jute soil savers, are subject to intensive scrutiny before shipping. Jute is tested firstly through a physical assessment that grades jute fibers created from raw jute through various levels of strength, tenacity, air flow, grit and permeability. Physical tests are followed by in depth chemical and analytical analysis to ensure all soil savers are free from auxiliary chemical presence and at a stable, neutral pH level.

In addition to the comprehensive physical and chemical tests performed by Toptrans, each run of jute products manufactured are subject to frequent inspections by a third party Inspectorate Group Company authority to ensure all products adhere to the highest standard of quality. With a multi-tiered grading system that provides a coherent and easy-to-understand explanation of jute quality and properties, Toptrans make selecting the right material for soil savers a simple process.


Jute Soil Saver Exporter

With access to a local jute industry in the Bangladesh region that supplies global industry with over 1.5 million tonnes of process and raw jute every year, Toptrans are able to meet all levels of demand. The developing eco-friendly construction and agriculture industries have led to increased demand for organic, naturally biodegradable construction materials such as jute soil savers, creating a highly specialized jute manufacturing industry specialized to the creation of jute geotextiles. Toptrans are at the forefront of this global trend, providing geotextiles and other jute textile products to organizations all around the world.

Reliable & Accurate Delivery on Time

Adhering to production schedules and delivery timelines is critical to preserving profit margins in any industry. The multiple production lines offered by Toptrans provide multiple redundancy for orders to any specification, ensuring Toptrans are able to deliver on time, every time.

Reliable communications are also an integral aspect of the manufacturing process. Toptrans is committed to providing the fastest customer service and resolution services possible, working alongside business to adapt to any order specification. The dynamic nature of the agriculture or construction industry can often contribute to last-minute changes to geotextile or soil saver products. Toptrans is able to accommodate changes through a flexible and agile fulfillment process.

Adaptable Jute Soil Saver Wholesaler

Whether your business requires bulk lots of jute soil savers for industrial agricultural applications or wholesale delivery of jute soil savers for resale, Toptrans Jute offers a capable and adaptable distribution and fulfillment system that can meet any order requirements. With negotiable wholesale rates that deliver increased value over bulk lots that can dramatically increase margins and profitability, Toptrans Jute provide the most competitive rates on jute soil saver wholesale purchasing in the industry.

Leveraging a long tenure in the jute industry, Toptrans is able to provide customers with up to date intelligence on the status of the jute industry, notifying clients of the best times to engage in ordering processes, environmental factors that may affect raw jute prices, and seasonal change impacts. By providing highly accurate information through in-depth consultation, Toptrans help clients determine the best solution for their needs.

Whether you’re looking for a reliable jute soil saver manufacturer, a jute soil saver supplier, exporter or wholesaler, Toptrans offer a professional, reliable and flexible service that meets international quality standards, ensuring the success of your enterprise regardless of order volume or timeframe.