Jute Wall Hangings

Why Jute Wall Hangings:

Wall hanging made of jute reflects uniqueness which changes the entire decor of your room. Jute wall hangings are very popular due to its ethnicity and originality. Unlike conventional wall hangings, jute wall hangings are washable, environment friendly and affordable. After using for several years, jute wall hanging can be unraveled and reweave with different design. Wall hangings vary in sizes and texture and bring about a natural look to the home decor.

Jute Wall Hangings

Mixed fiber Jute Wall Hangings:

Wall hangings may be made from fine 2-ply jute and embellish with different colored beads. It is mostly natural color jute with some highlights of jute in different colors. Different kinds of fibers along with jute may be used to beautify and enhance the durability.

Regional Jute Wall Hangings:

Jute Wall hangings in different motifs and designs are made in West Bengal and surrounding areas. Some of the jute wall hangings are designed with religious or historical motifs. Figural motifs are found mostly in tribal areas. The contemporary wall hanging has the simple and minimal design which is used for decoration only.