Promotional Bags

The bags used for different kinds of promotion like – business, products, ideas, awareness, festival etc are called promotional bags. Using of promotional bag for marketing product is a better way to communicate link between seller and buyer. It is a means for informing, influencing and convincing a potential buyer. Earlier plastic is used for manufacturing promotional bags however, due to its hazardous affects and cost factor the business firms shifted to using jute bags. Promotional bags are used by various companies and business firms for logo enhancement and promotional campaigns.

Jute Promotional Bags

Types & Designs:

Different types and designs of jute promotional bags are available to serve the targeted market segment. The eco-friendly clothe jute is used in sheeting of the bags. Various materials are used along with bamboos, logos, prints, laces & embroidery, to beautify the bags. These bags range from very small bags to very large net bags and beach bags. These promotional bags made of eco-friendly jute fabric is natural which can be dyed and printed. Jute clothe is used to make bags that have various designs on them, emphasizing the name or theme of the promotional event.

Different handle styles:

  • Bamboo handle
  • Cord handle
  • Sling Handle
  • Oval handle
  • Palanquin Wooden handle
  • Round Wooden handle
  • Cane handle