Shopping Bags

Shopping bag is a large strong bag meant for carrying goods purchased. After the environmentalist over the world spread awareness to curb the use of plastic shopping bags, use of jute shopping bags has increased enormously. Jute bags are often called organic bag. They are easy to carry, spacious, strong, durable, reusable and bio-degradable. Earlier jute shopping bags were cheaper but now due to high demand and less supply the price touches the sky. Not only the local manufacturer but the designers started offering stylish jute shopping bags which is the main reason the use of conventional design jute shopping bags are fading away.

Jute Shopping Bags

Latest Trend:

Jute shopping bags is not only easy to handle but looks stylish as well. Manufacturers and exporters of jute products are coming up with contemporary designs which cater consumer needs and satisfies the fashion fever. These bags come with LDPE lining which makes easier to clean and stronger. Laminated ones are also available which are more stiffer and durable. Specific company logo printed jute shopping bags are very popular for promotion. Plain shopping bags are rarely seen in the market instead the printed, embroidered and the beaded ones are in.


Jute is massively grown and produced in West Bengal. In India most of the jute shopping bags are being manufactured is Assam, West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. However, currently jute fiber is traded to other states thus increasing the manufacturing outlets.