Sling Bags

History of Sling Bag:

A type of handbag that is carried or worn over one shoulder with a long strap is called a sling bag or sometimes shoulder bag. Earlier traditional sling bags were used for delivering letters. Later 1950s marked the use of canvas modern sling bags. The conventional canvas was replaced by trendy sling bags in 1980s. It was then mostly carried by man to place items like laptop and other accessories. Now the tradition has changed and even women carry larger sling bags. There are varieties of sling bags made of different material however, recently the jute sling bag marked the presence in market. These are can be used for different purpose.

Jute Sling Bags

Why Jute as Material:

Jute is 100% environment friendly and can be recycled. It is a total go green fiber which up to certain level reduces global warming. Jute sling bags are more affordable and durable comparing to the other material. Jute sling bags are stronger, spacious, washable, can even customize color and design. Everyone is much aware of the hazardous chemical produce from manufacturing industries and thus jute found to be the safest of all material.

Designs and Usage:

There are numerous designs and color of jute sling bag available in domestic and international market as well. The trendy ladies jute sling bags are used for beach trip, shopping, casual day out and even for fun parties. These bags can be customized with respect to size, color, designs etc, to suit the individual preferences of the customers. These sling bags may be embellished with different kinds of beads, sequins, embroidery etc.