The Golden Fibre

Jute: The Golden Fiber

Jute is a natural vegetable fiber with golden silky shine color and soft textured which is also termed “ The Golden Fiber ”. The skin or fiber of the jute plant is spun into coarse and strong thread. The fabric made from jute is also known as Hessian or Burlap. The very fine jute threads are used for making imitation silk. India is one of the largest producer and exporter of jute in the world. The main jute weaved products manufactured in India are - coarse material for sacking, food grade agro bags, grocery bags, shopping bags, floor mats, ropes, twines etc.


  • 100% bio degradable, environmental friendly and recyclable
  • Widely acknowledged as Golden fiber
  • Cheapest fiber obtained from skin or bast of plant's stem
  • High tensile strength and low extensibility
  • Vastly used as raw material in packaging, textiles, non-textile, construction and agricultural applications
  • High insulating and anti static properties
  • Moderate moisture regain and low thermal conductivity
  • Can be blended with other natural and synthetic fibers and used as dyes

Jute – Eco friendly & Golden fiber for modern products

The precious jute plant yields a fiber which can be used for sacking and cordage. Jute is the most versatile fiber gifted by nature that has several uses. It is the cheapest natural fiber next to cotton.

Changing trend

Jute can be cited as the most versatile golden natural fiber with multi uses properties ranging from low value geo textiles to high value carpet, apparel, composites, upholstery furnishings, decorative color boards, fancy non-woven for new products and many more. It is called Fiber For The Future due to its versatility and durability. The jute blended yarns are light weighted and used in making different handcrafted products like - upholstery, furnishing, garments, bags etc. In coming era, the mini jute plants and mills will produce more of these golden fiber in form of blended yarns.