Wine Bottle Bags

Jute as modern material for making wine bottle bags

A bag specially meant for holding or carrying wine bottle is called wine or liquor bottle bag. The traditional wine bottle bags are made of leather or other hard materials however, current trend uses jute as material for making such bags. Insulated and textured jute fiber is used for making wine bottle bags. These jute bottle bags are used by liquor companies and vineyards for packaging and promotional purposes. Since these bags are print friendly, companies can print their logos with respective names. They are excellent promotional benefit for the visitors to the winery. The jute wine bottle bags are ideal for gift packing or gifting.


Jute wine bottle bag manufacturers offer a wide range bags with different designs and sizes. The single wine bottle carrier looks elegant and stylish. There are wine bottle bags with multiple holders. The pockets inside the multiple bottle carrier prevents the bottles from clinking and breakage. Cotton strings, straps and wooden handles are the most common. The compartments or the dividers between bottles are stitched in a manner that they can be removed to convert the wine bag into a great shopping companion. Normally, a wine bottle bag can hold one to six bottles.

Jute Wine Bottle Bags


A jute wine bottle bag can be design with clear plastic or PVC front making the bottle visible from out. There are creative bags which may have the cotton trimmed backing, assorted old sari border, thematic embroidered or beaded. The traditional jute wine bottle bags available in the market is plain woven with only jute fiber. Pouch type wine bottle bag with cotton strings are generally meant for carrying only one bottle. The Pop-Up designs are very popular where wine can be served directly from the bag. The pop-up types can be mostly seen in parties and big outlets.