Eco-friendly jute

Eco-friendly Jute

Jute is bio-degradable fiber which is 100% eco - friendly. The golden fiber is used extensively in manufacturing sacks or bags which are used as packaging material for agricultural and industrial products. Since in India jute is produced in wide scale, the price is competitively less comparing to other country. Jute is not only used for manufacturing textile products but is ideal raw material for non textile product. Unlike other materials, manufacturing of jute items do not produce harmful chemicals and thus reduces global warming.

Jute is considered the eco-friendly alternative due to its bio-degradability and recyclable property. Other features like soft & silky texture, high tensile strength and heat resistance to heat makes jute as ideal fiber for manufacturing fashion items, different baggage, home furnishing, decorative and textile made-ups.

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GeoJute - The Eco-friendly Fiber

Earlier jute was used in India for manufacturing coventional packaging items and is the oldest industry. However, everyone has realized the multi utility value and advantages of using jute in environmental conservation. Jute, the natural fiber has completely taken over the other harmful materials and has become ideal solution for the best alternative. It has proven that jute is the answer to soil conservation and also other applications relating to civilization. Geo-textiles come in two varieties: woven and non-woven fabrics.


  • High moisture absorption capacity
  • Flexibility
  • Drainage properties

Geo Jute finds applications in -

  • Erosion control
  • Separation, filtration and drainage in civil engineering works
  • Agricultural uses

Why it is used in agricultural sector?

  • Abundant availability
  • Superior drapability
  • Greater moisture retention capacity
  • Lower costs compared to synthetic geo-textiles
  • Ease of installation
  • Bio-degradable properties