Jute Blinds

Jute blinds are the most natural kind of blinds and have made a statement while imparting a natural look to the decor. Besides providing an ethnic touch, the installation of jute blinds made from natural fibers may also help some allergy sufferers.
Jute Blinds, which may be of the roll up variety, are made from 100 per cent natural fiber and are ideal for relaxed living areas such as the kitchen or bathroom. Jute Roll Up Blinds provide a gentle light screening coverage that cuts out the piercing glare of the morning or afternoon sun, distracting from the ambience of the room. The blinds are easy to assemble and are sold ready to hang.


Jute blinds come with a simple cord lock release and hold mechanism. Jute Roll Up Blinds are available in many sizes and widths. They may be put simply in their natural color or might be decorated with laces or colors in different shades.