Jute Carpets

Know about Jute Carpets:

Jute is a purely natural fiber which is soft and light textured. It is a versatile fiber which can be easily woven and is available mostly in natural colors. Earlier, jute rug or mats were used for placing infront of the entry of house but, recently jute carpets are being used inside the room for a more comfy and casual feel. Jute carpets are best suited to areas of the house such as sitting rooms and bedrooms, rather than the more high traffic areas like halls and passageways. Jute Carpets

Innovative Jute Carpets:

Manufacturers of jute products have been experimenting with jute by mixing it with a variety of other fibers. Mixing jute fiber with wool and linen enables to produce more color variations and also improves durability. The jute/wool/linen mix carpets can be used throughout the home except for areas like kitchen and bathroom.

Jute Carpet Designs:

Jute Carpets are available in many designs but the two popular distinctive weaves are Bouclé, and Herringbone. The natural jute carpet comes with a felt backing in a herringbone design and the mixed fibers with different colors and designs. They can be fitted on underlay and gripper as carpet padding or directly to the floor.