Jute Felt Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter


Jute felt is a fabric made of matted compressed jute fibers, and often used in an industrial manner. Jute fibers are like no other, and they give jute felt the ability to be used in ways ordinary felt cannot. Uses often include noise dampening, arts and crafts, and fashion design. Jute felt is named for its use of jute plant fibers, but it often has various other fibers within it, making different varieties of jute felt.

Jute Felt Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter

Our jute manufacturing company makes a variety of jute felt to provide customers with options. We also supply jute felt to the public without online supply. Our online store makes getting jute felt easy. We don’t just provide jute felt for the individual, and our exportation services make it easy for larger companies to get a hold of large amounts of jute. Our quality and care as a jute felt manufacturer, supplier, and exporter is one of the keys to our success.


Jute Felt Manufacturer


Our high-end jute manufacturing technology is one of the reasons our jute felt is so popular.

It starts with harvesting jute fibers from the plant. Jute fibers aren’t like any other fiber, and have a different strength and feel to them. Jute felt is made through various processes that result in the felt becoming matted down. The process varies depending on the type of felt, and what is being mixed in. Different felts compositions can include pure jute felt, or mixes with cotton or polyester as well as jute.


These diverse felts provide durability, as well as being soft like regular felt. Sound dampening is a common use of jute felt, as it will remain consistent over time as well as dense to absorb more sound. It can also be used to protect something, as it is durable and thin, making it easy to use without compromising the integrity of the protection. It is also a crafty fabric, making it perfect for decorating just about anything. Our variety of mixes lets our jute felts serve a variety of purposes, and makes it more popular amongst the consumer, which was our goal when we became a jute felt manufacture.


Jute Felt Supplier


We have a constant supply of jute felt, and provide quality and consistency to our customers. Customers can use our website to find and choose the jute felt of their choice, serving their needs. This enables our customers to be able to buy our jute from anywhere, and makes it easier on them. Our jute felt also serves a lot of personal uses, especially when it comes to music. The unique composition of jute felt makes it a one of a kind material for musicians. Our variety gives musicians options that will fit their needs.


A musician who wants to build a home recording studio can use jute felt to dampen the room, instruments, and anything else needed. The variety of jute felt will allow for a variety of noise dampening levels. Many arts and crafts designers prefer jute for its strength. Jute felt allows them to make fun projects, and have them last. The secret for any hobbyist working with arts and crafts, set design, or musical sound would be to use jute felt. It is a cheap way to customize, and durable so it will last. That’s why we provide a constant supply on our website, and has lead to our success as a jute felt manufacture.

Jute Felt Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter Jute Felt Manufacturer, Supplier, and Exporter


Jute Felt Exporter


Our exportation services also come in handy, and serve many industrial needs. Many companies use jute felt for noise reduction. Jute felt’s thick nature has allowed for it do successfully dampen the noise, if not stopping it altogether. Jute also can be ordered in bulk by bands and orchestras who’d like to have a steady supply for their instruments needs. Jute felt is more than just a dampener though, and can be used to protect walls and other machinery. Many set designers and art studios order bulk amounts of jute felt as well.


The felt’s tough nature and artistic design blend together to make it a great material for many things. The fashion industry also uses jute felt quite often, and while many may not realize it, it is possible that they’re wearing jute felt right now. Our jute felt exportation services are preferential to most, and are responsible for a lot of the felts uses around the world.


Jute felt does have many uses, but its value in design is unlike no other, and makes it a game changer for all designers who know of the secret. Jute felt’s tough material helped it get its foot in the door. It originally started being used in shoes and boots, and because it was so tough, it prolonged the life of these different items. Jute felt began to gain in popularity, and now it can be used for decorations that last.


From small holiday cutouts that hang on the wall to more elaborate felt art that can come out as an actual image. Set design is another major field where jute felt is preferential. Creating little details can be important, and while regular felt will work, it isn’t as tough and doesn’t last as long. Jute felt can last longer, and even be reused. It can serve as a backdrop in and of itself, or be attached to a backdrop for finishing touches. The possibilities are endless, and jute felts use reaches as far as the designer’s creativity does.


Jute felt is a unique and enduring fabric that provides a great and tough alternative to regular felt. Weaved from one of the toughest fibers there are, jute, the material is then matted down to a fine felt the can be used for a variety of purposes. Jute felt can do many things like dampening sound of an orchestra or laying over an industrial machine to protect it. Jute felt is often used in the fashion industry, and lets items last longer. It is a secret weapon in arts and crafts, and can allow the various items made to last much longer. Our manufactured jute is a great solution for many, and that’s why we work so hard to supply and export it in abundance.