Lamp Shades

Why Jute Lamp Shades?

Jute is 100% bio degradable and natural fiber. In the wake of international concern for environment preservation, jute handicrafts have found a lot of patrons. Jute Lamp shades are in high demand owing to their earthy and natural look. Jute lamp shades give an ethnic look and for those who thirst for something out of the ordinary, the hanging and jute lamp shades fit the bill perfectly. The light percolating through the jute pore looks magnificent and creates a magical effect.

Jute Lamp Shades

Jute Lamp Shade Designs:

Available in numerous shapes, they impart a distinctive look to the home decor that separates it from the rest. Lamp shades are available in a medley of designs and sizes ranging from medium to small. Street vendors or the antique gift shops carry the best design and affordable jute lamp shades. One can also go for a classy design jute lamp shade from the designer store which displays rich artifacts and gift items. It could be either simple hand weave with plain natural color and they go along well with the room having antique decor and is mostly placed at the corner. The colored lamps shades are used as decorative item in bed room which enhances the decor and also controls the bright light coming from the bulb or tubes. There are colorful jute lamp shades which are designed specifically for children's room with fun motive.